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Executing the shift from outbound to inbound: An interview with Justin Schweisberger, CRO of Pramata
Executing the shift from outbound to inbound: An interview with Justin Schweisberger, CRO of Pramata
Meet buyers where they are and help them through the buying process

This week I had the immense pleasure of chatting with one of my subscribers, Justin Schweisberger, CRO of contract management platform Pramata about how he’s built their go-to-market motion.

Justin is big on using process and data to inform his decisions, which has helped him execute a shift from doing complex outbound sales across multiple stakeholders to simpler inbound sales with a consolidated buyer in legal ops.

He also took a non-traditional route to being a CRO, coming up from law school via consulting and product, a journey that has heavily influenced how he approaches his role. From how he created a webinar that broke Zoom, to how he qualifies buyers, to how he deals with investor pressure, to how he handles buyer objections: there’s so much gold in this podcast I’ve personally learned a ton!

Please give it a listen and let me know if you’d like to hear more real world stories like this. And if you haven’t done so already, please consider subscribing!

Podcast contents:

  • 0:15 — Can you give us a primer on Pramata and the problem you are solving

  • 1:10 — You took a very non-traditional career path to becoming a CRO. Can you tell us about your journey?

  • 3:20 — How has your experience shaped how you solve problems as a CRO?

  • 6:00 — How did you figure out who your ideal customer profile is?

  • 8:25 — Legaltech is a fairly new category in SaaS. How ready are they to buy?

  • 12:15 — How do you qualify where buyers are in their journey?

  • 14:50 — What strategies are working for you in generating leads?

  • 17:10 — How do you handle leads that aren’t ready to buy?

  • 18:30 — Dealing with investor pressures.

  • 19:30 — What objections do you run into and how do you overcome them?

  • 23:30 — How has your GTM team grown over the years?

  • 26:00 — How going downmarket and simplifying the product actually led to more enterprise deals

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