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How to acquire customers more efficiently: An interview with Scott Stouffer, CEO of scaleMatters.

How to acquire customers more efficiently: An interview with Scott Stouffer, CEO of scaleMatters.

Last month, I wrote about the top 3 things SaaS companies need to plan for to be successful in 2023, one of which is finding greater efficiency in customer acquisition.

If anyone knows the secrets to finding efficient growth, it’s Scott Stouffer:

  • As CEO of Salsa Labs, he reduced his customer acquisition cost (CAC) by 75% within his first 12 months and cut his sales cycle in half, by systematically finding and eliminating the friction in his go-to-market.

  • Now as CEO and founder of scaleMatters he has productized what he built at Salsa Labs so that the rest of us can realize the same benefits.

In this podcast, Scott shares his strategies. From instrumenting your tech stack to collect accurate data, to avoiding multi-touch attribution and lead scoring, to focusing on channel-level performance, to making your target market as small as possible, to using sales calls to optimize your marketing messaging, there’s a ton of actionable advice in here. It’s a must listen for both marketing and sales leaders, especially in today’s climate where we are being tasked to do more with less.

Give it a listen here or on Apple Podcasts or on Spotify and let me know what you think! And if you haven’t done so already, please consider subscribing.

Podcast contents

  • 0:30 Can you tell us about scaleMatters and problem you are solving?

  • 3:30 What trends are you seeing in customer acquisition?

  • 6:50 Why do you think there’s never been a perfect way to attribute return to marketing programs?

  • 9:10 Discussing the many common pitfalls of using multi-touch attribution and lead scoring.

  • 16:00 How can marketers compete in highly competitive, saturated channels?

  • 21:00 How to use competitive intelligence tools like Gong and Chorus to test your messaging.

  • 27:30 How should marketers figure out their total addressable market (TAM)?

  • 29:30 What does onboarding onto scaleMatters involve for a new customer?

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