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How to lead a winning sales team: An interview with Jen Bennett, SVP Global Sales at Trulioo and former VP Sales at Affirm.

How to lead a winning sales team: An interview with Jen Bennett, SVP Global Sales at Trulioo and former VP Sales at Affirm.


It’s every sales leader’s dream to have a team of salespeople that knows where to spend their time, builds half their pipeline through their own prospecting and crushes the competition during the buying process. Jen Bennett has made this dream a reality at multiple companies and shares the keys to her success in this podcast.

From how to translate your company’s ICP into a target account list, to how to leverage your network for intros and your customers for referrals to how to decide which deals to focus on, there’s a ton of valuable advice in here. It’s a must listen for anyone in a sales leadership role, especially in today’s economic climate, where salespeople can no longer rely on marketing and SDR teams to feed them and have to fight for every deal.

Give it a listen here or on Apple Podcasts and let me know what you think! And if you haven’t done so already, please consider subscribing.

Podcast contents

  • 1:00 Can you tell us about Trulioo and the problem you’re solving?

  • 1:55 What do you typically try and get done in your first couple of months to ramp up as a senior sales leader?

  • 4:00 We discuss how customers are increasingly looking for vendors to truly understand their problems rather than to sell them a product and the importance of providing great service.

  • 6:00 What did you take with you on the journey from media sales to software sales and what new skills did you have to learn?

  • 9:10 How do you overcome competition in the sales process?

  • 14:30 How do you figure out customer profile and get your team aligned and focused?

  • 17:15 How do you think about generating leads? What strategies have worked best for you?

  • 20:30 Do gifting platforms work?

  • 22:00 How do you enable your salespeople to leverage your board and execs for lead generation?

  • 25:00 Why are salespeople reticent to ask for referrals?

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