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Hi! I’m Arnie Gullov-Singh and I started this newsletter after helping dozens of startups with their go-to-market, noticing how many teams were running into similar issues and hearing how everyone wanted specific, actionable advice.

You’ll find my newsletter helpful if you’re an early-stage founder or leader responsible for your company’s go-to-market effort, especially if you’re struggling to build pipeline at a consistent rate, leading GTM for the first time in your career or tasked with finding more efficient ways to grow.

Most weeks I break down a common go-to-market problem and provide a practical solution with step by step instructions and examples. Paying subscribers get full access to every solution, while free subscribers get a limited preview. I also post a quarterly roundup of reader questions and a quarterly recap of top posts.

Alongside the newsletter I’m a fractional CRO for B2B startups, where I coach early-stage founders and leaders to diagnose issues in their current GTM strategy and design and execute improvements that deliver more predictable results. I also teach live cohort courses every 2 months on prospecting and closing.

I previously spent 15 years in C-level roles at B2B startups including Ethena, Quora, Polyvore, Ad.ly and Fox Audience Network and have advised or coached over 100 early-stage startups during that period.

I grew up in London, moved to California 25 years ago and live in the Bay Area with my wife and two kids. Outside of helping founders with their GTM strategy, I love cycling, running, writing songs and Tottenham Hotspur FC.

If you’d like to get in touch, either email me at arnie@therevenuearchitect.com or send me a message through LinkedIn.

What my readers are saying:

“I have been reading The Revenue Architect and it. just. makes. sense.”

“I’ve been reading your blog for the past month or so and have found it amazingly insightful. I find myself forwarding posts to a different portfolio CRO each week!”

“Have always found sales a subject that isn’t covered well. Everyone is in sales to some degree. Arnie is doing a great job breaking down the ins and outs with The Revenue Architect.”

“This continues to be a fantastic repository of info on building out go-to-market teams. Arnie is a good follow :)”

“I've been super impressed with the content you've been sharing on revenuearchitect.com to date, in my opinion the most comprehensive toolkit available to SaaS sales leaders/ICs”

“I find your posts and advice to be spot on. Many re-affirm my thinking and others open me up to new thinking”

“I really enjoy your posts because you make the effort to articulate the issues succinctly versus turning each into a book”

“The content seems super high calibre and densely packed with value. (as expected!)”

“You’ve taught me how to see the big picture in a clear and concise way”

“I’ve been able to apply a lot of your practices at my current gig”

“Love your advice & perspective. Really awesome!”

“Great posts! Helpful insights and recommendations”

“I've been a big fan of your work since I first found your newsletter almost a year ago. It's hard to to run a business and write about a business, and you seem to be able to pull it off. Congrats!”

“I have found a lot of value in leveraging SPICED as a more discovery-oriented framework. Picked that up from one of your newsletters so thank you for that!”

“Really love your newsletter, thanks for writing it!”

“I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your RA newsletter. Awesome content, and easy to digest too. Bravo!”

“Thank you for writing such engaging and informative content on your blog. It's been great validation to the marketing -> sales processes that I'm helping to develop.”

“Thanks for such concise advice!”

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Fractional CRO for B2B startups and author of The Revenue Architect, a weekly newsletter tackling the common problems faced by startup sales and marketing leaders.