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[Video Lesson]: How to write emails that your prospects will want to respond to

My new video series!

I’m trying something new this week — a series of video lessons on solving GTM problems! I have about a dozen of these in the pipeline for the coming months so please take a look and let me know what you think.

The first lesson in the series is on how to write engaging prospecting emails that your buyers will actually want to respond to. It covers the following topics:

  • Common mistakes with prospecting emails.

  • Framework for writing buyer-centric prospecting emails.

  • Examples of prospecting emails, ranging from very bad to very good.

  • Exercise to write your own prospecting email (and get feedback on it).

If you’re already a paid subscriber to The Revenue Architect, the great news is that full versions of this and all future lessons are included in your existing subscription, along with access to every issue of the newsletter, the full archive and private Q&A with me.

If you don’t yet have a paid subscription, there’s a short preview to give you an idea of what’s in the lesson and I hope you see this as another great reason to upgrade! It’s $15/month, you can expense it to your training budget and it really helps support my work.

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